Courses taught at the University of Lausanne (graduate and undergraduate levels, 2016-)

  • Introduction aux études genre et théories féministes
  • Le genre au cœur des inégalités sociales : migration, ethnicité, classe, sexualité
  • Pouvoir, genre et inégalités

Courses taught at the University of Amsterdam (graduate and undergraduate levels, 2008-2016)

  • Dynamics of International Migration and Integration
  • World Cities
  • Sexuality, Ethnicity and Class Entangled
  • Social Science Research Methodology
  • Research Designs: Exploratory Narratives and their Presuppositions.
  • Advanced Theory and Methods: Dynamic of Fields, Habitus Formation, Ethnographic and Historical Investigation
  • Reading Course: Gender and Agency.

Courses taught at the Université Paris 1 – Panthéon – Sorbonne (undergraduate level, 2006-2008):

  • Stratification sociale et usage des statistiques
  • Etudes des trajectoires sociales
  • L’usage de l’entretien approfondi

Courses at the University of Chicago (undergraduate level, 2003-2006):

  • Introduction to Pierre Bourdieu
  • History of Queer Life and Politics in 20th-Century Europe
  • Queer and Feminist Theory in post-1945 France